Orange Belgium boosts indoor connectivity with intelligent WiFi: Mesh WiFi

Orange Belgium boosts indoor connectivity with intelligent WiFi: Mesh WiFi

To guarantee a seamless indoor connectivity and with respect to new construction standards,  Orange Belgium launches today the Mesh WiFi, a new and smart technology aimed at reinforcing the connectivity at home of its LOVE customers. 

A growing number of Belgian customers face in-house connectivity issues, due, among other things, to increasingly better isolated housings and new construction norms. As Orange Belgium wants to offer its LOVE clients peace of mind through a seamless indoor connectivity, it now brings to the market a new smart hardware solution, the Mesh WiFi.

1 customer out of 2 wants WiFi up until the garden or terrace

A study conducted by Orange Belgium showed that up to 90% of customers find it “important to extremely important” to enjoy a WiFi connection in every room of their housing. 53% of them also expect their WiFi to offer coverage in the garden or terrace and even 17% in their attic and 9% in the basement. An expectation that cannot always be met by traditional modems and routers, as their power is limited by the European regulation and they are frequently not installed at the best location to allow a good WiFi usage in the main rooms.

Orange Belgium therefore launches Mesh WiFi, a solution to improve the performance, reach and strength of the WiFi service, thanks to modules that can be installed in multiple places by the customer, in order to improve the connectivity in its housing via a unique WiFi network.

Main difference with other WiFi improvement solutions already available on the market: the modules constantly communicate with each other, in order for the smart system to actively look for the best connection available, and determine the Mesh module and WiFi band to be used, avoiding signal interruption when moving into the housing. The customer can also choose the number of modules fitting his home requirements.

The Mesh WiFi is launched at the very competitive price of 99.95 euros for 2 modules, 139.95 euros for 3 modules and 69.95 euros for additional units, and does not require customers to rent it.

A support for the increasingly popular Voice-over-WiFi usage

Christophe Dujardin, Chief Consumer Officer of Orange Belgium, comments: “By strongly improving the WiFi service of our clients, Mesh WiFi supports the need for hi-speed internet around the house and a seamless home Wifi experience. Moreover, it can be combined with Voice-over-Wifi. Launched in 2018, this technology allows calls to be made using an available WiFi network, and is already used by more than 200.000 clients on a monthly-basis.  With Mesh WiFi, to offer a seamless internet access, and Voice-over-WiFi for calls, we intend to guarantee a total indoor connectivity.”

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